How To Treat Your Serious Sleep Apnea Condition

TIP! Ask your doctor for advice about what CPAP machine you should get. The noise level of a CPAP machine and its overall size are both points to take into consideration.

Anyone with sleep apnea can attest to the misery it can cause. What it boils down to is to properly educated yourself on how to effectively manage the sleep apnea symptoms. For those wishing to learn more, the following article should prove helpful.

TIP! If you are not sleeping with a partner, then it’s almost impossible to determine if you’re suffering from sleep apnea on your own. Using a simple camcorder while you sleep can give you the information you need.

If your airway is naturally narrow, a mouth guard for sleep may help with your sleep apnea. They are designed to help you breathe properly at night by aligning your airways. Consult with a doctor or get a mouth guard made if you are suffering.

TIP! If you suffer from sleep apnea and require a CPAP machine, make sure you have a medical ID bracelet. If anything happens where you require medical attention, those assisting you need to know about both your sleep apnea and the CPAP.

Do you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages? Drop these unhealthy habits. These items can harm your airways. Smoking can cause your airways to swell up while alcohol will make your airway more relaxed, which can cause sleep apnea. If you cannot get rid of these habits for good, make an effort to avoid smoking or drinking before you go to bed.

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TIP! Are you not having any success at improving your symptoms of sleep apnea? If so, then visit your doctor and ask him or her about other options you can utilize. The removal of loose tissue at the back of the throat is one surgical technique that is a last resort treatment for severe sleep apnea that can’t be controlled with other less invasive treatments.

If you’re a smoker or a drinker (or both) who’s also dealing with sleep apnea, you may find that giving up your vices will solve your sleep disorder. These habits can cause your throat muscles to relax or swell, increasing sleep apnea. Giving up these habits can save you a lot of money as compared to expensive surgical procedures that might be needed later if you continue.

TIP! Losing weight is a good way to cut chances of developing sleep apnea. Some people are able to almost completely eliminate their sleep apnea with weight loss.

Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages as much as possible, especially at bedtime. Drinking alcohol relaxes the muscles of your throat and airway. If the throat muscles are too relaxed, they can collapse and block your airway. Your muscles will relax and collapse, which will make you snore and possibly cough through the night. If drinking is an important part of your life, restrict the amount of alcohol you consume and drink it earlier in the day.

TIP! You can try nasal sprays if your sleep apnea is caused by your nasal passages. This might open up your airways so you can sleep.

Attempt side sleeping. Sleep apnea sufferers tend to sleep on their back. Your airways become blocked when you sleep on your back. It’s easier to breathe when looking to the side. If you have trouble staying off of your back, sew a tennis ball into the back of your sleeping clothes. This will help you stay on your side while you’re sleeping.

TIP! You should get a machine to stop snoring. When the airway is closed but still allows a little air through, that’s when snoring is most probable; in sleep apnea, the airways are almost fully closed.

Sleep apnea can be extremely tricky to diagnose yourself, especially if you sleep alone without a loved one to tell you about minor sleep problems you experience. You might consider video recording yourself asleep. Remember to make a video with sound so your doctor can hear you snore!

TIP! If you have sleep apnea, you should not drink excessively. Drinking causes the throat muscles to relax excessively, which causes snoring and a blocked airway.

People who have sleep apnea should establish a sleeping schedule. Your sleep condition already disrupts your sleep cycle nightly. Any steps you take to improve your overall sleep habits will help deal with the symptoms of your condition and minimize the impact it has. The best thing you can do is fall asleep around the same time each night and wake up around the same time each day.

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TIP! If you’re using a CPAP machine, see if you doctor can also prescribe a humidifier with heat. This will make sleeping with CPAP much more comfortable and less frustrating.

Always carry ID on you if you’re a sleep apnea sufferer who uses a CPAP machine. If you need medical attention, it’s crucial that others realize that you’ve got sleep apnea and that you use a CPAP. Your ID should include your use of CPAP and the pressure level at which your CPAP must be set.

TIP! Do not be embarrassed about your treatment and your CPAP machine. You need not be self-conscious about your need to use a CPAP machine; be upfront about its medical necessity with friends, relatives, and room-mates.

Only sleep with a single pillow of standard size. When you use an over-sized pillow or multiple pillows, it can skew your position. It will make breathing harder than it needs to be. That’s why using one pillow may be the answer to your sleep apnea problem.

TIP! The manner in which you sleep can have a hand in your sleep apnea. This is why proper positioning is so critical.

While you should always see your doctor to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, there are self-help options you could try. A couple of good examples are controlling your weight and quitting smoking. Coffee, caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided before bed.

TIP! Laying on your back while sleeping can worsen your sleep apnea symptoms. Instead, try laying on your side.

People who snore or even those who have sleep apnea may benefit if they learn to play a musical instrument. It is soothing, and a German study showed that using these instruments can strengthen your throat muscles. Just as working out helps to make other muscles in the body stronger, playing an instrument will help make the muscles in your mouth and throat stronger.

TIP! People that snore or have sleep apnea can play a musical instrument to help. According to a study from Germany, not only does this offer mental benefits, but it can also can reduce symptoms of sleep apnea.

There are a few simple solutions sleep apnea sufferers can look into. Set up a regular bedtime for yourself and go to sleep each night at around the same time. Be sure to set up your bedroom in a way that promotes restful sleep. Don’t sleep in a room that you won’t have a comfortable time sleeping in.

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TIP! You might need to get your own custom-fitted mouth guard. Plastic oral appliances have been proven to clear the airways and relieve snoring, which in some cases are the underlying causes of sleep apnea.

If you think that sleep apnea is something you may have, it is best to consult with a doctor right away and get a sleep test. They will test you and make a determination whether or not you are suffering from sleep apnea. There are a variety of options out there to treat your specific situation, and it is vital that you take all levels of sleep apnea seriously.

TIP! Find a way to get peer support. Sleep apnea is not a common thing.

Try staying away from going to bed on your back when you have a sleep apnea condition. Your airway is more prone to collapsing if you sleep on your back. This is why sleeping on your side is the best option, that way nothing gets in your way.

TIP! A mouth guard might be worth a try. Your dentist can make a personally fitted mouth guard to compensate for overbite or another jaw abnormality.

Many people that have sleep apnea sleep on their backs. If you sleep on your back, you might rethink doing that. Research has shown that side sleeping can ease sleep apnea, meaning you get better rest.

TIP! All things that can make a negative impact on your breathing while you’re sleep need to be tended to. If sleep apnea affects you, then it is critical that you start treating all your breathing issues immediately.

Alcohol should be avoided, especially before going off to bed. Drinking alcohol can increase the severity of sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Not only does alcohol relax the muscles of the airway to a dangerous extent, it also depresses your nervous system, making it less likely for you to wake up in the event of serious breathing difficulties. You could have a bad time sleeping by doing this.

TIP! Talk with your doctor if you feel you may be suffering from sleep apnea. It is a dangerous condition and it makes life difficult.

Having sleep apnea can seem like a never-ending journey in search of a solution. Getting the symptoms under control is not as difficult if you have the right information. You can easily reduce the severity of your problems with the information above.