Understanding What The Causes Of Sleep Apnea Are

TIP! Talk to a physician about the right CPAP machine for you. These machines might be loud, but they can help you get through the night.

If you have sleep apnea, you’re already aware of the lack of sleep this condition can cause and the toll it can take on your health. Adequate sleep is imperative in maintaining a healthy and happy life. Luckily you can learn about some ways to help you get through sleep apnea. Keep reading to learn how to better handle sleep apnea.

TIP! Your phsyician can help you get a mouth piece to help with your sleep apnea. Your symptoms could very well be exacerbated by congenital conditions like a small jaw, an over- or under-bite, or a naturally constricted airway.

You have to get rid of a few vices to get through sleep apnea. If you smoke and drink, you are almost sure to suffer from sleep disturbances. Drinking depresses the respiratory system and can cause severe breathing issues. Cigarettes can hurt your lungs, possibly even causing lung cancer. Dropping both these habits entirely will help ease the symptoms of sleep apnea.

TIP! Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have. If you suspect you may have it, it is important to see your doctor right away.

Talk to your physician about the possibility of a mouth piece to correct your sleep. You might possess an airway that is naturally narrow, or you might have a recessed chin or small jaw. All of these can make the symptoms of sleep apnea seem more pronounced. You will get better rest if you use specialty devices to position yourself and align your jaw properly while sleeping.

TIP! If you do not have a partner to let you know how you sleep at night, it can be difficult to assess if you have sleep apnea. Therefore, record yourself sleeping at night by putting a video camcorder in your room.

If you’ve got a prescription for a CPAP for your sleep apnea, try using it for around four hours each night. Some people have a really hard time sleeping with the device. In order for your CPAP therapy to be effective, you need to use it at least four hours a day. If you have trouble adjusting to use it the full night, keep it on for four hours at the least.

TIP! To help diagnose your sleep apnea, your doctor may ask you to keep a sleep log. You will record when you sleep and when you awaken and anything else that happens during your sleeping hours.

Cut back on your alcohol consumption. Your muscles get relaxed too much. People who are addicted to alcohol may learn that this is the cause of their apnea, and others who drink sporadically should know it affects them, too. Alcohol relaxes throat muscles and can make it difficult to keep the air passage open. If you have to have a drink, do it well before bedtime.

Sleeping Pills

TIP! A medical ID is a must for those being assisted by a CPAP machine. If tragedy strikes, it will be important for help to know you require the assistance of a CPAP machine.

Consider any alternative you can find to using sleeping pills. Similar to alcohol, sleeping pills will relax your throat and airways to an undesirable extent. There can also cause other problems if you are dealing with sleep apnea. If you have chronic insomnia, consult with your doctor about safe alternatives to sleeping pills.

TIP! If you have sinus or allergy issues, this may be causing your sleep apnea. During the night, you are already dealing with breathing problems.

Sleep apnea can be extremely tricky to diagnose yourself, especially if you sleep alone without a loved one to tell you about minor sleep problems you experience. Therefore, record yourself sleeping at night by putting a video camcorder in your room. You need to include audio in your video because the doctor needs to hear the noises you make.

TIP! If you are not having any luck managing your apnea, you may want to talk to a doctor about more radical treatments. There are people that don’t respond well to traditional sleep apnea treatments, and sometimes they have to have surgery.

Use a chin strap with your CPAP each night to prevent your mouth from opening as you sleep. It is a simple cloth strap that can easily hold up your chin as you sleep. CPAP devices don’t work well when your mouth is wide open, so this device can help.

TIP! Curb drinking heavily if you have sleep apnea. Drinking can overly relax throat muscles, causing blocked airways and snoring.

Alway travel with your CPAP machine if you suffer from the symptoms of sleep apnea. When you are dealing with sleep apnea, the CPAP machine should be used every single night. A convenience travel pouch is usually included with purchase. Try this if you want to easily move your CPAP machine with you with ease.

TIP! Playing a wind instrument is helpful. You will get several benefits: learning how to exercise the muscles used in breathing, broadening your intellect, and playing music that you enjoy.

Stick with a single ordinary pillow when you go to sleep. The position of your body can become awkward and harmful to your breathing when you use too many pillows. This can position you in a way that makes it harder to breathe. Because of this, you should really just have one good pillow to help with symptoms of sleep apnea.

TIP! Prevent falling asleep on your back. When you sleep on your back, you can obstruct your air passages and complicate your sleep patterns.

Look for devices that help to alleviate snoring. Snoring is caused by your airway closing; apnea is when your air passage has closed all together. Therefore, it is only sensible that a stop snoring device might also help with sleep apnea. These devices might be just what you need for a better night’s rest.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Keep in contact with your physician if you have sleep apnea. He or she will be able to give you solid information on living with your condition.

Although you should speak with your doctor about sleep apnea, you can try certain things yourself. Stopping smoking and shedding weight is a great start, especially for anyone dealing with sleep apnea. Also, don’t drink alcohol or consume caffeine too close to bedtime.

TIP! Sleep apnea causes a reduction of oxygen to your system while you are sleeping. As such, it benefits those suffering from sleep apnea to shun sleeping at elevations.

You can reduce sleep apnea with exercises to strengthen throat muscles. Sleep apnea occurs when the tissues in your throat collapse into the airways, which ends up obstructing your breathing. As your muscles strengthen, their possibility of collapsing and blocking your airways is lowered.

TIP! Stick to your treatment routine. It can be tempting to take a night off with some of the more demanding sleep apnea treatment regimens, but you’ll definitely notice a difference in your energy levels the next day.

Pick up a wind instrument to play. You will like the music and help exercise muscles that can better your breathing. The training of these muscles will give better breath control and reduces the symptoms of sleep apnea.

TIP! Try to avoid taking opioid and narcotic pain relievers. These medications have been known to decrease oxygen levels.

Sleeping flat on your back may worsen sleep apnea, so try to sleep on your side. Simply sew a pocket onto the back of your sleep clothing and put a tennis ball inside the pocket. This will help you to keep from laying on your back while you are asleep. This will make back sleeping very uncomfortable.

TIP! If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, take your condition seriously. Stick with any treatment plan your doctor prescribes, including nightly use of your CPAP machine if necessary.

Let the airline company know far in advance when you plan on traveling and you have to take your CPAP machine with you. They will usually accommodate you by giving you a seat where you can easily get to your machine. Make sure you bring a power adapter if you fly on a foreign airline.

TIP! Sleeping on your side is key when living with sleep apnea. When you sleep on your back, it allows your tongue to slip backward a bit to block your airway.

By now, it should be apparent that sleep apnea can be handled. Apply the tips from the article above, and you can start enjoying the slumber you deserve. When you are able to get the sleep that your body needs, you will notice a difference in how you feel during the day.